Smart Growth

Precinct Four is developing more every day, and the county needs to help facilitate Smart Growth with each municipality. Williamson County can coordinate with them by sitting down and openly discussing housing opportunities, preserving open space for farmland, parks, roads, and infrastructure. We must genuinely partner with the people to create a safe and beautiful place to call home. One aspect of Smart Growth is to embody the elements of livability - we must keep at the forefront of the conversation the importance of our communities and townships.

Increase Transparency

Conversations MUST be had in public whenever possible.

I have a proven track record of bringing discussions to The People. When everyone understands why and how decisions are made, they are easier to get behind. Decisions made with any public discussion don't pass the smell test, and I won't be part of that nonsense. I will do my very best to keep you in the loop! As your representative, I will be your voice, asking tough questions and working towards solutions in The People's best interest.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a small business owner, I make tough decisions daily. I will respect the pure and simple fact that this is YOUR MONEY, and I am entrusted with it to do what is right and best for Our Future. I will not vote for something that hasn't been thoughtfully considered - I will not play with YOUR MONEY. I will not waste YOUR MONEY. When bonds are needed they will be responsible and necessary. I have no problem discussing needs and wants, and I firmly believe it's the people's choice not my decision.

Citizen Input

Above all else, this is what matters most to me. Your Voice, your Wisdom, your Questions help build our community! Precinct 4 needs someone who will CHAMPION the People. These aren't just words to me... this has been my life's mission. My motto is to SERVE YOU, and that's what I will do.

I hold the trust placed in me SERIOUSLY and will do the research, examine the options, and make decisions based on the facts at hand.

These are my promises to you, the PEOPLE I SERVE.

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